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   Already since ancient times smith skills played a huge role. Building houses or simply having household, people could not get by without smith. With the beginning of smithery the first artists of metal appeared.

   Art of decorative smithery is so unique beacause it allows to combine as practical usage with estetic pleasure, as eternal value of product which serves from generation to generation. It is also one of the main reasons why people should choose works of the smith or other masters' of applied art.

About smith Martin

   My skills were gathered working with different masters. I hav efinished RDMV "Design of metal". Actively worked in studio "Auseklis", taking part in applied art exhibitions. On this homepage you can have a look at some works from exhibitions and a little part of private orders. I cooperate with everyone: with artists, designers and of course with each client individually.

My directions

  1. The folk art, ethnography - how to find and continue the roots to an ethnic belonging.
  2. Craft - activity which allows to store experience and skills. In this direction I work the most extensively.
  3. Art - expression which frankly opens my essence.
  4. Design - combining works works under interior design requirements, working out of concepts.

            I accept orders in all mentioned spheres of activity.

You are welcome!

My offer

  Smithery for an interior - forged candlesticks, regiments, furniture, hangers ...

Smithery for a garden - lanterns, grill, garden benches and tables.

  Smithery for the house - gate, fences, flag holders, wind indexes, balconies, single gates, double gates, sliding gates, boxes for flowers, conceptual objects for garden etc.

Hardware - loops, elevating hooks, nails, corners,windows' and doors' accessories ...

  Design - ladders, frames for advertizing, publicity boards, constructive furniture.

Gifts, souveniers - forget flowers, jewels, horseshoes for fortune, success and good luck, initials, etc.

  Art can be everything you like as mentioned before and not. Everything what is possible to create using hammer and imagination.